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Thorn Whip 5e


The Thorn Whip is a magical weapon with several uses. It can be used to draw an enemy into a cage or a trap. This weapon is covered in thistles and can be a valuable tool in battle. When a creature is in a position to be pulled into a cage, it uses gravity to pull the opponent up. It can be an extremely useful weapon in a battle, but it can also be a weak point.

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In the fifth edition, a thorn whip is an attack spell that creates a vine-like whip covered in thorns. The thorns are sharp and can cause 1d6 piercing damage. This weapon can draw a creature up to 10 feet away. At fifth level, the whip deals an extra 1d6 damage and pulls the creature closer to you. The damage increases as you gain levels, increasing by 1d6 at each subsequent level.

The Thorn Whip is a useful spell for druids. When used with an ally, it is a great way to draw an enemy closer. With its Ready action, a Druid friend can pull an enemy in range. The thorn whip is a great option to play a battle between two druids, and is also a hilarious spell to miss.

The Thorn Whip is an incredibly powerful melee weapon in fifth edition. This spell is used for close quarters combat as well as to set traps. The whip is made of a long vine covered in thorns, and is armed with vicious barbs on either side. The whip snaps into shape with enough force. The attack also drags the prey to its death, so it’s best not to use it to grab something that’s already moving.

The Thorn Whip is an effective weapon for splitting an enemy or ally. The Thorn Whip has decent damage, but it does not have the longest range. It does not hurt nonmagical items, so it is not the best choice for use against monsters. However, it can be a useful tool if you use it wisely. When a creature has the ability to split a target, the Whip can break the target apart with its sting.

The Thorn Whip is an excellent weapon in a melee game. It deals 1d6 piercing damage to a creature within range. It is best used when it is combined with other weapons that do the same damage. Using this weapon in a combat scenario can help you build up a strong and balanced party. It’s a great choice for players looking to make an impact in their campaign.
The Thorn Whip is a versatile weapon with multiple uses. It’s great for use in melee games, and it plays well with allies. A Druid friend can use it to pull a creature into range. If used in a roleplaying game, the Thorn Whip is a great choice for melee games. In a D&D campaign, the thorn whip makes a powerful weapon.

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A thorn whip is a vine-like whip covered in thorns that lashes out at a creature within range. At its maximum range, the whip deals 1d6 piercing damage and pulls the creature up to 10 feet. At 5th level, the thorn whip can also be used to move an enemy or displace an enemy. The higher level a thorn whip, the more powerful it will be.

Thorn Whip can also be used to pull an enemy or ally from a trap or place. The thorns make it easier to pull an enemy or ally into a trap. This magic can even cause a target to move when it lashes. Lastly, it deals piercing damage to enemies. It can hit up to ten feet away. A thorn whip can cause a lot of damage, so it’s important to use it sparingly.
The Thorn Whip is an extremely useful spell for druids. It can also be used by other druids to pull an enemy closer to them. This skill is a useful spell for druids. This magical weapon is an effective ally for a druid. The Thorn Whip does not cost any magic items to cast, and is a very powerful cantrip for a druid.

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