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All about the football history


Understand football and the history of the founder and the goals of the football game.


Do you know what a ball means? means football This sport uses football as a sport made of leather or rubber and can be played by all teams. Each team has 11 senior players and a number of players.

Not only that, some people have the assumption that football is understood as a game that can be played by trying to become a ball aimed at getting the ball into the enemy’s hole. This football match can be won by a team with a lot of points if they manage to put the ball in the opponent’s goal. But it has to follow the rules of the game. In English, football is often referred to as football. Unlike Americans who refer to football with the word Soccer, when examined by the word football, this term is divided into two:

  • The word kick means to have a foot.
  • and world football means a sports club that is round and has special items made of leather or rubber.

Understanding Football According To Some Professionals. To better understand the meaning of football, you can. Understanding Football According To Other Professionals Below:

1. According to Soekatamsi

Soekatamsi imagined that football understands a game with two competing teams, each team consisting of 11 players including a goalkeeper or goalkeeper.

2. According to Luxbacher

Luxbacher speculated that the concept of a Football Game can be compared between two teams, each with 11 members, and can be achieved by keeping the ball from hitting the incoming ball and breaking into an opponent’s goal.

3. According to Agus Salim

Agus Salim thinks that a football game is played with your feet and the goal is to destroy as many opponents’ goals as possible by feeding the ball and the game must comply with the rules of monetary terms. In the past, these rules could have been set by the แทงบอลยูฟ่าเบท Association.

4. According to Muhajir

Muhajir assumed that in the case of football, a ball game could be played using foxes or goals with the aim of keeping the ball in the player’s hole and preventing the team’s goal from being lost. another unit.

5. According to Remmy Muchtar

Remmy Muchtar understands what football means. The game can be achieved by using the technique of forming the ball and by adjusting the physical movement in football games.

A Brief History of the Football

Judging from its history, the festival was already well known in China in the second and third centuries, which at that time was the reign of the Han Dynasty. And at that time the Chinese used a leather ball and tossed it into small nets. Not only in China this football game is well known in many countries such as Greece, Rome, and Japan. And people from all three countries play fun football.

The current game of football started in the UK and UK with some rules set in the game football until finally, the game became popular. Although at first the game was banned from playing because there were people who thought the game was violent. But now football is gaining popularity all over the world. In addition, football has become a competitive sport with many nations aiming to win the World Cup. And the first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930 and was also won by Uruguay.

The Founder Of Football

Why is the footballer still in doubt? Initially, England talked about the availability of football for the first time in the world. But the truth is still controversial. This is because no one knew how the game was first played. Therefore, the founder of the first football in the world may not be there.

But thanks to a letter from the Vatican, L’Osservatire Romano, Guarani is one of Paraguay’s most influential footballers. This quote is from a priest named Juan Manuel Paramus. He claims that the Guarani tribe played with a ball made of paper-rubber material. But it is easier said than done. Again, the ball jumps quickly before it stops. Like me, the Guarani play football without using my hands. But they use their inner legs. The findings of this article suggest that England is not the originator of the football game.

Goals For The Game Of Football

Football matches also have goals such as being able to put the ball in the opponent’s goal as best you can and eventually win the game. and below are a few tips for a football game To succeed:

  • Cover or disable it if it does not find the net itself.
  • Press the ball into your opponent’s goal, known as the target.
  • Being able to create connections within teams to make the game more complete.
  • Being able to create and maintain games among football players and being able to create good games.
  • can improve health and strength in the body
  • Being able to succeed in the sports world, especially in football.



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